I början av Augusti besökte tysken Cédric  Karesuando några dagar. Han skrev en liten presentation som vi publicerar här...


My name is Cédric. I´m 32 yers old. Before my trafel I worked as organic farmer in Germany. Now I´m homeless and travel since 2 years around Europe.
Sweden is my elven countrie. The particulary of my travel is I don´t finance my trip befor I start and I posh one bikecycle allready 20 000 km trught Germany, Swiss, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, Scotland, Mallorca, Oykley-Schelan, Norway, Finland and Sweden.
I live intensely and my live is in the hand of God. The reason of my travel is to meet all this nice people of our earth and to visit and to respect the beatiful nature, learn new cultur a little bit the language and to made som job by farmer and to be creativ in carden. I told my cultur and made some french music. My purpose is own personal evolution with freedom and love.

Foto: Ulf H. Tuoremaa